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I am a fitness enthusiast consuming neuroscience while reflecting on our behaviors, habits, and addictions. After a decade as a pain management specialist I can say “Humans are complicated” Take my hand as I guide you down the rabbit hole of “Pain in the brain”

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In 2021 I am a web developer by day and a blogger at night. I collaborate with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help build an online presence and find solutions to bring their innovations to market.

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I am on a journey of self discovery. The limit for my capacity to comprehend myself falls short when I fail to investigate beyond that which I already know. I believe we if we allow ourselves to experience love, compassion, & grace we can make an impact in the matter between our ears.



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I am Kevin, a blogger based in Austin, blogging about Neuroscience, Health, & Fitness.

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Illuminate Your Mind : Neuroscience

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The Art Of Gentle Strength : Fitness

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Quality VS Quantity : Health

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